Mountain Rain

This being my first post I thought a painting would be perfect to introduce myself with. My name is Sarah Ann Waldron, I’m a mother of two beautiful angels. We reside in the Appalachian Mountains. I am a world peace seeker. Being a multifaceted artist, author, and poet makes me quite busy. But feel free to check out my profile where you can the find links to my other sites. (Mountain Rain) oils on 14×18 pro-canvas. Sarah Ann Waldron- SAW Art©  https://www.facebook.com/Sarah-Ann-Waldron-SAW-Art-806596812768703/img1457910166201

Souls Entwined


             (artist unknown)

Souls Entwined

The energy flows steadily,
as the rain hitting our window-pane, I feel it’s presence surround
me in moonlit soundwaves;
escaping it’s evanesence.

Echoing inside this spring-
twilight. You and I watch as
nature comes alive tonight,
we’ll wish reality farewell.

Succumbed to this ascension
by Selene’s mighty love spell,
my resonance created our
drifting among the dark
matter; enchanted within.

My fingertips graze the treetops
as her light reflects off my skin,
the eruption of colors begin.

Midnight blue traces miss moon’s rainbow halo, decending upon an evergreen skyline. Our ivory
floats unto nimbus; Payne’s grey.
Little hints of pink, the glistening translucent fine line of my
emerald sight, the madness
of his hazel.

All shades intertwine with
copper vibrations, pure white
incantations twinkle pearlesantly,
across crystallized stars.

Not much farther till we
reach obsidian, watch us
fade away into eigengrau.

Written by:
Sarah Ann Waldron
My Soul- SAW Poetry™



(My newest poem written last night for my 25th Birthday, on May 1st.)


Thick skin melted away
reviling stories dripping
in metaphors; expressing
the milk of mother.

It ripped away old scars
leaving innocence seeping
at the roots hallowed by,
termites eating away at the, paddled wooden memories.

And I say, “I have never felt so young, then this age of 25.”

Death near me closer,
another year as an infintile
mind erupts from boiling
chaos; of brewing tea.

The house wine tastes sweeter with tears, and the boiled fears released the caged Raven.

and I say, “I have never felt so young, then this age of 25.

Though everyplace that I go,
takes me back to my birthplace.
The wombed surface of someplace;
with more head space.

My flesh is temporary.
But of sound mind, a goddess
therein eternity; never grows
within an age-old illusionary.

See I die every winter
With the light Payne’s grey,
and I rise reincarnated, in the
Spring’s evergreen.

And I say, “I have never felt so young, this age of 25.

Written by:
Sarah Ann Waldron
My Soul- SAW Poetry™

Interview with The Jester


       (painting by Nate Jensen)

I’m here with The Jester today talking about his brilliant music…

Me: Tell us abit about your stage name…

The Jester:   Well, it has a double meaning. On one level, it’s about being an entertainer. I’m a fairly entertaining person; a lot of people think I’m really funny. However, the primary idea behind the name, The Jester is a reference to the face paint we all wear. We paint a smile on our face and do what we do, and no one looks behind the smile. Not behind a jester’s smile, anyway. He just entertains the court.

Me: I notice you like using Hardcore/Deep intrumentals,
can you explain why?

The Jester:  Sure. I like all kinds of music, and I really enjoy a lot of different styles of instrumentals. For the majority of my hip hop material, I feel that the intensity of those types of instrumentals, often fit the subject matter; really well.
Plus, I have a reputation
for taking a “hard” or “gangsta” or “trap” instrumental, and throwing something on it, that you didn’t expect. As a fan, I love seeing artists do things like that. I love hearing someone do something that you weren’t expecting, especially in a world where a lot of artists want to copy styles, and do what everyone else is doing.

Me: Who is your biggest lyrical influence?

The Jester:  I listen to so many different types of music, and types of hip hop. There are so many amazing artists. I could go on, and on about who I “like,” but that’s not what you’re asking. I try to do my own thing, but it’s inevitable, that the music I listen to will show through; from time to time. I’m not sure, though, I’ve been told that I am alot like Hopsin. I’ve been told at points I sound like Tech N9ne, or my cadence, and flow even sounds like Biggie, or Tupac; at different points. I’d say overall, my biggest influences are probably Rhymesayers Entertainment, and Strange Music. I listen to a lot from both labels.
But, I’m sure I take pieces, and parts from everywhere; without even realizing I’m doing it.

Me: Tell us about Carpe-Noctem, and what that title means…

The Jester:  Well, everyone has heard, “carpe diem” or “sieze the day” in Latin. Carpet Noctem means, “sieze the night.” That was the first mix tape, and it made a lot of sense to me. I was partying a lot at the time, and I’ve always been a rather nocturnal person. The songs themselves, are a reflection of that. There are a lot of songs about partying, and wilding out. Then there are a few songs that are, that introspective moment you have at 4:30am, in the middle of the week, when you’re by yourself; Sieze the night.

Me: After listening to your music, I got this feeling every track is a true story. If they are, do you as an artist believe that through your music you inspire others who relate to your poetry?

The Jester: My songs are true stories in some respect or another. I’ve always really enjoyed hearing rappers, or musicians that can tell fictional stories but it’s not something I can do. I feel it’s not genuine when I do it. So my music is very personal, although sometimes it’s hyperbolic for dramatic effect, and entertainment. The things I talk about are real, or at least perceived.

Do I hope to inspire people? Yes and no. It’s strange. When I write, it’s still like keeping a journal. When people relate to that, it’s really the most amazing feeling for me. At the same time, a lot of my music has a pretty negative tone, even desperate at times. I don’t actually *want* anyone to relate to that, you know? It is genuine, though, and it’s about real things that real people go through. I have had people tell me that on a bad day, they listen to my music and it makes them feel better. They don’t feel so alone. While that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish, when I write. It is absolutely the best part. There’s no feeling like that.


         (The Jester on stage)

Me: Tell us the meaning behind the song “Let it Bleed”…

The Jester:  “Let It Bleed” is a good example of my older singer/songwriter material; which was very dark. It’s all about how lust for money, power, and blood builds, and grows until it consumes you and destroys you just like you’ve used destruction to amass wealth or power. It’s less personal and more of an observation. “Alas, the impaler must be gored./ You live by the sword, you shall die by the sword.” The lyrics change dynamics from the beginning, where you “let it bleed” to gain power, etc… But by the end, your lust is letting you bleed, and it’s feeding upon you as well.

Me: Do you plan to do more in that genre of music?

The Jester:  I do. I always have, really. I just haven’t been promoting, or recording it as much; in recent years. Most people didn’t care much for that style, but liked my hip hop a lot, so I’ve focused on that mostly for shows, and my public persona. Hip hop is also much more accessible, easier in ways, when recording, and playing live. I’ve always made all kinds of music, though. I still work on everything, from metal, to EDM production, to hip hop, and everything in between.

Me: Did you create the insrumental for the song “Let it Bleed?”

The Jester:  Yeah, that was me playing guitar. I also played guitar and produced the instrumental for “Arson”. I’ve been playing guitar longer than I’ve been doing anything except maybe writing – about 15 years now.

Me: What does Couch Life represent?

The Jester:  That’s actually my favorite question!
I get asked that all the time.
Couch Life is a few different things. First off, I want to say that I love all the dudes, and dudettes associated with Couch Life – they’re incredible artists, and people. To answer your question, though, there are different levels. It’s about hanging out on the couch, chilling out by yourself, and listening to music or whatever. It’s also about hanging out with friends on the couch, drinking beers or playing video games, and what-not. On another level, it’s about struggle. It’s about being homeless, and surfing couches at friends’ houses; when you’ve got nowhere to go. It’s really about couches ,and it’s really about life – Couch Life haha. I think it means something a little different to all of us, but I think that everyone can relate to it on some level or another.

Me: The song Self Destruct is your newest song, will you tell us abit about what that song means?

The Jester:  Sure. “Self Destruct” is very literally about selfdestructive behavior, and particularly about the feelings, and experiences that lead to it. It’s about being depressed or frustrated or angry, and feeling hopeless, that no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t matter. It’s about reaching that point when you say “fuck it,” and start engaging in destructive behavior. Like drug or alcohol abuse or self harm.

Me: What is your writing process like?

The Jester: It’s kind of all over the place; really. I never thought about it much. Usually, I write in the middle of the night, I have a lyrical mind, and often freestyle at points throughout the day. If I come up with lines I really like, I’ll use them as a basis; especially if it’s hook-worthy. Then I build around that. A lot of times, though, it just kind of happens. It’s hard to explain, and I’m not sure I fully understand where it comes from. Each line builds on the ones before it, and it ends up snowballing into a verse or a song.

As far as style, again I don’t think about it much, but I work with a lot of internal rhyme schemes,
try to use intricate word
play and metaphors; as well as references. In recent years, I focus a lot on my flow, and cadence. I try to keep it dynamic throughout any song, and kind of bounce around everywhere.
I think, that much like how a great instrumental can elevate even a poor song, a great flow is half of your song in hip hop. I think flow, and cadence are overlooked quite a bit by mainstream hip hop, and rap. A lot of those artists don’t flow at all anymore.

Me: Do you get writers block, and if so how do you overcome it?

The Jester:  I do get writer’s block; sometimes. I think the best remedy for that is just taking a step back, and not trying so hard.
I don’t have to try to write;
I just write. When I start trying, it messes up the whole process. For me, when I have a block, it’s just in one area. Like if I can’t write a song, I’ll write poetry instead, or if I can’t work on hip hop; I’ll work on rock. Taking a step back or just putting it down for a minute, refreshes me.
As I’ve told other writers, and lyricists; “You’re a writer.
You’re always going to be a writer. It may take days, weeks, or months, but you’ll write again; when you need to. Don’t worry about it so much, and do something else in the meantime.”
I know that wouldn’t work for professionals putting out works or songs on a deadline under direction of publishers or management and distribution organizations, but I think it helps most of us.

Me: Do you have any shows coming up, or in the works?

The Jester:  There’s always shows in the works. Shows fall through fairly often, though, and never come to fruition. I don’t have any solid shows lined up for sure; right now. But sometimes I get a call just a week or two before a show, you know?

Me: What about new projects, or collaborations, we should keep a look out for?

The Jester:  I’ve mostly been focusing on new material. I also have plans to finally release my Multiverse Theory EP. It’s material that a lot of people that come to the shows and follow me already know. It was missing a couple of tracks that I wanted to include, but I’ve paid for the licenses on the instrumentals I didn’t produce myself. It’s pretty much been done and sitting around for a while. I just need to press it and release it, really.

Me: Would you like to add anything to this interview?

The Jester: Yeah, I’d just like to thank you for taking time to talk to me, and ask some great questions. I’d also like to tell anyone reading this that I love them, and to support underground, and local music. Go see a show or buy an album; from your friendly neighborhood musician.


         (The Jester on stage)

If you would like to know more about The Jester his links are below:


Facebook Profile:

The Jester music page:


Couch Life:


          (The Jester selfie)

Authors Notes:

Had a wonderful time speaking with The Jester, and his music amazes me. There will be updates on him, and his music so keep an eye out; for that.

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Interview with Todd Keffer II founder of No Culture Records


       (Album art by Derek Hagler)

Down at MANIFEST 2016, I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd Keffer II. Founder of No Culture Records.

Me: So tell us a bit about yourself Mr. Keffer…

Todd: I currently go to Marshall University, I am a Business major, and I love music.

Me: When, and what age were you when you got the idea to start producing music?

Todd: 2013, and I was twenty years old.

Me: When did the record lable come up?

Todd: I had just gotten out of a rocky relationship, very depressed time for me; I was at rock bottom.
One day it just came to me. It saved my life, I honestly did’nt want to go through life anymore, until I decided to do this.

Me: Being a vocalist for Backup Martyr do you prefer Rock over Hip-Hop?

Todd: Old me would’ve said yes, but in the past few years I’ve grown to love them equally.

Me: Regarding a Sin Revel song, is Gorge the dog, a real dog?

Todd: Yes, and he’s an awesome dog.

Me: Tell us a bit about Backup Martyr…

Todd: Myself and good friend Wade Milbee started our band back in 2011, we are a two person rock band for now. Though we might actually have a drummer now.


( Todd, Wade, and there new album cover by Derek Hagler. Designed for “Dinosaurs ate my Bible- EP” coming soon)


         (Wade Milbee, jamming)

Me: I’d like to talk about this album: No Culture volume 1: A Society of Dead Wolves and Spoiled Souls, speaking of which what is it like working with Green T?

Todd: (*starts laughing) I’m trying to think of an appropriate way to put this, well he’s the first person i worked and recorded with, it’s a trip.

Me: Who is this Sin Revel?

Todd: Sam, I can never pronounce his last name, but he is also the drummer for Cricketman.

Me: What do you think about the Jester, does he have future projects with No Culture?
Everyone is hyped up and relating to this track, “Self Destruct”.

Todd: Yes absolutely, whenever he is ready.

Me: Wonderful work on the intermissions, who influenced you for this style of chopped up trip beats?

Todd: I don’t consider tuem trip beats but i would say “Everything is Terrible” have influenced me the most.

Me: What do they stand for?

Todd: They stand for Jim Baker is a fraud him and his 42 buckets.

Me: After the second intermission those tracks also hyped up fans, will there be future projects with them aswell?

Todd: Yes!!!

Me: Are there any upcoming shows with the whole group that is on Volume 1?

Todd: No not at this time.

Me: Would you like to add anything to this interview?

Todd: I would like to change Huntington into a better place with the music that we make.


               (Todd Keffer II)


(No Culture & Friends: A Society of Dead Wolves & Spoiled Souls)
Link to this album is below:

Direct link to the album:

No Culture on Facebook:

No Culture website:

Wade’s Facebook :

(Authors Notes)
Had a wonderful time at MANIFEST 2016, it was fun getting to know Mr. Keffer, I see big things coming from him and his Label. Can’t wait to listen to all the new music coming soon. Much love to you all.

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Interview with Green T


I’m here this evening with Charles Taylor aka Green T, to discuss his music.

Me: Tell the fans about your stage name…

Green T: It’s a nickname I aquired in Augusta. I had an Arizona green tea with ginsing and honey can, I was drinking box wine out of it; at a party. A friend asked me to freestyle after handing me a mic, so I did; with the can in hand. Someone yelled out Green T, and it has stuck with me ever since. I was 17 at the time.

Me: What’s something you want fans to know about you?

Green T: You will know me through my music.

Me: Out of all the tracks recorded, which mean’s the most to you?

Green T: It’s between Nolstagiaphilla, and Now You Know.

Me: How long have you been creating lyrical poetry?

Green T: Wow that was a long time ago, I first started with simple poetry, and then moved to writing lyrics.

Me: I hear you use to do illustrations, can we expect to see new art with future projects?

Green T: Yes definitely, both written, and painted art.

Me: Noticing the different variety of genre’s in your work, do you think you will ever pick one style, and stick with it, or can we expect more of your multifaceted uniqueness?

Green T: I’ll never just pick one style, it would become repetitive, and boring.

Me: Now You Know is a brilliant song, but it is short. Do you plan on adding more to it, since it is one of your older songs?

Green T: That spicific beat was made by a good friend of mine Buddhabeats, I have spoke to him about adding more to it. In all honesty it’s more of an intro, it’s supposed to be that short. If there will be a remake, it will be further on down the road.

Me: Tell us a bit about what that song represents…

Green T: It’s a quick summary of how I grew up, a micro autobiography.

Me: What type of instrumental beat do you prefer?

Green T: Really depends on my mood, I have a love for all genre’s of instrumentals.

Me: Who is, or was your biggest lyrical artist influence?

Green T: There are so many but i would say, Del the Funky Homosapian aka Deltron 3030, Aesop Rock, and then when Sage Francis came along, I was blown away.

Me: If you could preform on stage with anyone, who would it be, and why?

Green T: Definitely Bus Driver
he is underground, and very unpredictable. I myself like to be abstract, and different aswell.

Me: What is your writing process like?

Green T: Everyday I wake up at 9am, I make some coffe, hit my vape pen (I recently quit smoking cigarettes), listen to instrumentals and the words just come to me; naturally.

Me: Do you get writers block?

Green T: Yes, everyone does. But I keep writing no matter what, though I usually scrap most of those written during a block; I never stop writing.

Me: What is three words you could say, to describe your future projects?

Green T: Expect the Unexpected!!!

Me: When your not working, writing, recording, or performing;
What does Green T do in his spare time?

Green T: All my free time goes to my son Zander.


(His son Zander and Green T.   himself)

Me: Will there be any shows coming up this year, and if so will you be doing any shows out of state?

Green T: To be announced, be on the look out.

Me: What drew you to be an Urban Lyricist?

Green T: It’s the easiest way to express myself, I can vent without catching a charge.

Me: I know your not in this for the money, so could you tell fans why you do it?

Green T: To be a breath of fresh air, and inspiration to the world.
I want others to know there is no rules in creating music.

Me: Would you like to add anything to this Interview?

Green T: There is lots of new projects happening soon, with local artists, and my sister in Augusta.
I and Lucas TheFlow will be working on new material weekly so keep and eye out for that. It will be unlike anything you have ever heard.
Also don’t be petty, have fun you only live once, and that life is to short.


( me and Green T during our

(Experience, Green T)


(Signed copy of his CD)

Tracks on this CD include:
(1). Now You Know
(2). Life is a Trip
(3). Music for Your Mind
(4). Nolstagiaphilla
(5). What do I Gotta Do?
(6). Spoons and Needles
(7). 4th Street Love Song

If you would like to listen to this album and get to know even more about Charles Taylor aka Green T
click the links below:

Direct link to this album:



(Authors Notes)
Green T, works with a record label, that goes by the name of No Culture, they have a collection of artists on an album, titled:
(No Culture Volume 1: A Society of Dead Wolves, and Spoiled Souls)
Which you can listen to through this link:

Also I would like to add I truly enjoyed this interview with,
Green T.  He is an awesome guy, that you must meet. I plan to do more interviews and keeping everyone updated with his new projects. Much love to you all.

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Morrígan (The Raven Goddess)


Morrígan is a celtic diety, though she is mostly known as a bad omen; of war and death. I am going to explain how she is everything, but evil.

(Pagan Beliefs)

Name meaning: Great Queen or Phantom Queen.

Sacred Bird: Corvids (Ravens and Crows).

Sacred Plant: The Willow Tree.

Colors: Red and Black.

Strengths: Fearsome, strong creator of the fog, and grants
sovereignty to the monarches who choose love over war.

Symbolism: War, Death, prophecy, passionate love, and fertility.

Pagans believe that Goddess Morrígan, is a group of three sisters. This is why she is known as the trinity goddess…
Anu- the fertility maiden.
Badh- boiling mother cauldron.
Macha or Nemain- the death crone.


Being a multifaceted goddess in most of all myths, there are so many stories. On who, and what she really is. Pagans believe that she is a great shape-shifter just as the celtics do, and that she is the circle of life.  Representing both Birth, and Death.

In some pagan stories she is said to be vindictive, killing the man she loves, when he fails to recognize her.


Interesting fact… Because she is so mysterious she goes by these three names as well.

(1). “Raven of the Battle”
(2). “Washer at the Ford”
(3). “The Red Queen”

(Author note)
(“Now that last one leads me to believe the the Red Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was inspired by Morrígan.”)

So it is told After the battle at Mag Tuired, (The royal heights of Ireland). The people then asked Morrígan if she had a tale to tell, and she replied with:

The Morrígan’s Prophecy

“Peace to (as high as) the heaven”

Peace up to heaven,
heaven down to earth,
Earth under heaven,
strength in everyone.
A cup very full, 
a fullness of honey,
honour enough, 
summer in winter. 
Spear supported by shield,
shields supported by forts, 
forts fierce eager for battle. 
Fleece from sheep 
woods grown with antler-tips (full of stags),
forever destructions have departed. 
Mast (nuts) on trees, 
a branch drooping-down, 
drooping from growth. 
Wealth for a son, 
a son very learned, 
neck of bull (in yoke),
a bull from a song.
Knots in woods (i.e. scrap-wood) 
wood for a fire,
fire as wanted, 
palisades new and bright. 
Salmon their victory, 
the Boyne (i.e. Newgrange) their hostel,
hostel with an excellence of length (size).
Blue (new) growth after spring, 
(in) autumn horses increase 
the land held secure,
land recounted with excellence of word.
Be might to the eternal, much excellent woods, peace to (as hi
gh as the) heaven,
be (this) nine times eternal.


( Celtic Mythology )

The old Celtics believe, Morrígan is the Goddess of War. This mother shape-shifter, is believed to transform from seductress with great beauty, to and old crone, to corvid (Raven or Crow).
The Celtics also believe she is a prophetess on misfortune of battle, has knowledge on the fate of humanity, and is the messenger of Death.


They say she has a loving side though for it is believed that she is truly a peace maker, giving monarchs a chance to choose love over war. Those who chose war ended up as celtic statues where Morrígan is depicted as a Raven sitting on there shoulder keeping them there.


Modern Morrígan is dipicted as utilizing Earth energy, a dark green goddess of Emerald Isle…


(Author’s Conclusion)
With everything I have gathered, she was but a great warrior; protecting her people from war. she also had gifts, of fortelling future events. Such as the end of the world, and foreseen death.
She was the peace keeper of her time.


I felt so intrigued to write on the subject of Morrígan, because of how much i relate to her stories, gifts, and peace making. Not to mention I have a love for Corvids, and my celtic birth tree is the Willow. She is everything a great celtic warrior woman is, including the frightening aspects of her female energy.


I also found, that back in her time women went into battle, beside thier men; completely naked. So as to distract those who were trying to conquer thier lands.

I further conclude that i feel empowered by my research, and have been filled with many ideas for my (work in progress) novel.
I hope you have enjoyed my article, on The Great Morrígan, aka The Raven Goddess…

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Killgore Mountain Hike


       (actual picture of killgore)

Killgore Mountain Hike

Walking a path of creeping phlox,
I creeped my way up to the
mountain top. I stood barefoot
upon soft moss.

Therein the old orchard
A place once full of apple trees,
now barron; they all had been

Abruptly my adventure stopped
there, so I could inhale the
magical crisp-breeze; a ghostly
chill in the spring air.

Winter was trying to cling to
what is left of the trees, acting
as if it wasn’t just dead memories’
The wind layed it to rest, and
I began to feel eased.

I floated back down; a new entity.
Pleasantly, I am within my clarity.

Written by: Sarah Ann Waldron
My Soul- SAW Poetry™

_( Meaning behind my words)_
I hiked out on killgore mountain yesterday and this is what became of my hike…

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Ignore The Raven


photo credit: Sonnetwolfdesigns

Ignore The Raven

‘Twas the beginning,
once she opened her mind.
As she began singing,
of spiritual courage,
she flew, unto the universe.
Never would she question,
what she would find.

Though still mocked by
the RAVEN… She had grown,
to ignore the craving.
Recovery was just a
stepping stone;
to her self-saving.

With this new-found
strength, braving the storms,
had never been so lucid.
She stays within tranquility, nothing will ever be intrusive.

Free from the bindings of fear.
Flying further unto her ascension,
her purpose; now crystal clear.
All because of a faith-filled connection…

Written by: Sarah Ann Waldron
My Soul- SAW Poetry™

(The meaning behind my words)
It’s been over 3 years, and 4 months, that I have been sober. Free from an addiction. This poem of mine shows how I escaped, and found my spirituality. I have represented the raven as Poe did in his poem, as a mocking nuscence. In other words the Raven represents the craving for my past addiction. In which I choose to ignore, as I further ascend unto my realm of Peace and Recovery.

Sarah Ann Waldron (SAW)

Urban Lyricist Charles Taylor


Urban lyricist Charles Taylor a.k.a. Green T. of Couch Life, was born in Minot, North Dakota, and raised in North Augusta, South Carolina.
At age 16 he moved to, and still resides in the Appalachian Mountains; with myself, and Artist Shea Marsh.

When I first met Charles, I was 13 years old, sitting at the end of my driveway, out in the woods; in 2003. I see two figures walking down the road, immediately I recognized one of them to be a neighborhood friend. Having no clue who the other person was…


Looking just like this, but in all black, riding a skateboard. He came rolling up, and cracking jokes. Little did I know…a few years later in 2007, this young man would not only become a life long friend; but would also be one of my biggest poetic influences and inspirations.

Over the years we spent alot of time in, lyrical poetry battles; up at what use to be our local skatepark. Everyone there, looked up to Charles, seeing as he was the only one who had this lyrical gift. We had never seen anyone like him; in person. His gift of rhyming lyrical humor; made alot of our days better.


Honestly there was never a day Charles wasn’t writing or freestyling; amazing randomness. But as the years flew by, and we all had grown up; Charles’s dreams started coming true. By 2012 he became a member of a local group, that goes by the name Couch Life. I had the pleasure a year later, to meet a few of the members. I was so happy, that Charles had found a group of people; just like him. So that he could further his music career.


With this group of fellow urban lyricists, Charles was able to grow within his poetry. Life had aged his mind; just right. With that being said, here is one of his lyrical poems:

How Low Must I Go?
By: Charles Taylor, (Green T.)

How low must I go,
Before my feet finally touch; the floor?

Somewhere near rock bottom with the sinners and the cops
There’s a man with nothing left but what he had when he got lost
A locket with a picture of a person that he loved
And the only clothes he owned before he fell from up above

Before he took the fall his pillow was his only mate.
Never told him he was wrong or disapproved of what he ate.
Never told him to wake up, or made him take it on a date.
He lived a lovely lonely life, only he could appreciate.

His best friend would’ve told him he should try to get out,
But his dog don’t speak human so it never came about.
He’d lock all his doors, and keep his windows tightly closed.
To keep the sunlight from reflecting off the dust on all his clothes.

His house was decorated in spider webs, and shame.
He kept his drivers license framed, so he didn’t forget his name.
Hadn’t said it in awhile, cause it didn’t sound the same.
Separated from the world, with nobody else to blame

But him,
Keep the lights dim,
Keep em covered.
There’s a lot dark places, that have yet to be discovered.

He didn’t have nothing, but a story to tell.
He swore that if he reached heaven, he was given em Hell

That’s life,
Or what he always figured was the norm.
Up a creek without a paddle, but the water was warm.

He felt better at the bottom, where he never saw the day.
The last thing anybody heard him say..

How low must I go,
Before my feet finally touch; the floor?

Somewhere near rock bottom, with the lawyers, and the crooks.
There Sat a young lady, with her face inside a book.
She was tired of the world, rather read about another.
Never cared to be with family, though she looked just like her mother.

She tried to be like other girls, make up, and a dress.
But the lifestyle bored her, she was different from the rest.
Didn’t care about the boys, or the money, and clothes.
She’d rather have a good story, and a lock on her door.

Her best friend would’ve told her she should try to get out.
But she doesn’t speak cat, so it never came about.
She was happy in her place of solice, lonely, and free.
Without a worry in the world, except what novel to read.

Chapter after chapter, reading stories they told.
But never stopped to let her own story finally unfold.
She used her license as a bookmark, to remember her name.
Separated from the world, with nobody else to blame.

But her,
Keep the pot stirred,
At a boil.
There’s a lot dark things crawling; underneath the soil.

She didn’t have nothing, but a story to tell.
She swore that if she found heaven, she was given em Hell.

That’s life,
Or what she always figured was the norm.
Up a creek without a paddle, but the water was warm.

She felt better at the bottom, where she never saw the day.
The last thing anybody heard her say…

How low must I go,
Before my feet finally touch; the floor?


After joining Couch Life, Charles had to take a short break, and get his finances right for himself, and his wonderful son, Zander. Now that everything is in order, he has been working on new projects. Not only with Couch Life, But with other lyricists; he has met through his dream’s endeavors.


I know, I have been impatiently awaiting this track. He has been talking about it, since the end of 2015.
If you would like to know more about Charles Taylor a.k.a Green T., and Couch Life, please check out the links below. Trust me, you won’t be dissapointed. Him, and these guys, are a wonderful group; of poetic geniuses.

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